The Return…

So, it’s been nearly a year since I visited this baby of a page I intended to keep on a daily basis and I return, ashamed of my lack of dedication full of excuses as to why I’ve been too busy to bother writing a blog on a regular basis.  This, of course is bullshit as I have had plenty of time to travel, drink, study Chinese, drink, eat, drink, sleep, drink, and…oh yeah…GET FUCKING MARRIED…drink, and work my not entirely unpleasant job teaching IB Geography to a melange of international students.  Now I’ve moved on to a new school (having been ‘downsized’ from my last one) I’ve been introduced (for the first time) to teaching Chinese students, a far cry from the strictly international kids at the previous shithole school.

Without going into too many details of why I am so much happier (no dress code, kick-ass neighborhood, Korea-town nearby) the biggest thing (you may have caught above) is that I, Richard W. Hinchman III, finally got hitched.  Most of you reading this probably didn’t expect this turn of events…I certainly did not so soon after meeting my wife (dated just over a year) but for circumstances beyond elucidation, It felt right.  More on this later…

Beyond this news, I haven’t much to say today.  I’m in school, students are waiting, and nothing special has me pissed and/or inspired enough to write a lengthy post today.  I’ll leave with the travel updates since last September…just countries…Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, USA, Thailand (yes, we went twice).  For immediate reference, see my Facebook page, otherwise wait for me to have something more to say.

Good to be back…I really will try to make more of an effort to be writing…




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